One of most exciting things we do is when we present a remarkable new talent.  Someone like Douyé… especially since she’ll be celebrating “The Duke!”

“Daddy Said So” is Douyé’s debut jazz vocal album.  It consists of 14 standards and features brilliant jazz musicians like Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Russell Malone, John Clayton and more.

Douyé was inspired by her father Landy, who passed when she was only 11 years of age.  While still a child, he introduced her to jazz and encouraged her to become a jazz artist. Well, with that purpose at heart and much love for the music, this is only the beginning of Douyé’s promising journey in jazz.

Her voice is throaty and sensuous, her delivery honest.  She “feels” her songs and “gets” the meaning and mood.

Douyé was born to sing jazz!

Douyé,  vocals
Glen Pearson,  piano
Ron Belcher,  bass
Leon Joyce Jr.,  drums
Dr. Bill Manahan & Tom Silva,
Silo’s, Napa

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