Celebrate Bruce & “The Duke!”

Mr. Hopewell's favorite jazzman!
Sunday, April 7th , 4pm
@ Blue Note Napa

Larry Vuckovich,  leader and piano
Noel Jewkes,  reeds
John Worley,  trumpet and flugelhorn
Doug Miller,  bass
Leon Joyce, Jr.,  drums


+ Clairdee,  vocals


Artist website:

by dickdanne on December 13, 2018

We’re honoring Bruce Hopewell, as one of the original founders of the NVJS.  Bruce often touted Duke Ellington as “The single most important artist America has ever produced.”  Not just a musician, or a jazz musician, but artist!  And Bruce,  for the NVJS, produced a Duke Ellington tribute each April, Duke’s birth month.  Prior, Bruce was a well known Jazz Concert Producer, who has represented many famous and seminal Jazz figures in a variety of productions dating back to the early 1950’s.

And of course we’re honoring the one, the only “Duke!”

Larry Vuckovich, the acclaimed leader of diversified groups that post “Sold Out,” has assembled an All-Star lineup for this special Ellington Fest!   The frosting on the cake is Clairdee on vocals, one of the very best.

A wonderful jazz event, don’t miss the celebration!
Note this event has been moved to Blue Note Napa.
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