Mads Tolling Quartet

Grammy-winning jazz violinist
Sunday, September 16th , 4pm
@ Silo's, Napa

Mads Tolling
Matthew Charles Heulitt, guitar
Sam Bevan, bass
Jason Lewis, drums

Artist website:

by Garth Jordan on September 4, 2012

Danish-American Mads Tolling is truly something else! He’s young, gifted and has already won two Grammy awards with the Turtle Island Quartet. Now on his own, Mads is composing up a storm, showing imagination and verve in his playing and that of his Quartet.
– He has also performed extensively with Stanley Clarke who calls him “the most exciting musician I have come accross in a decade.
– Chick Corea says Mads is ”a wonderful new voice on violin… very refreshing!”
– Mads’ Quartet will tour nationally and internationally next year. Someday we’ll all be saying how lucky we were to catch him on the way up!