Duke Ellington – The NVJS Loves Him Madly
“Melissa Morgan wanted a gritty, retro vibe evocative of classic jazz vocal albums of the 1950s and ’60s.  She also wanted to pay tribute to such heroines of that era as Nancy Wilson, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan.  On both counts she succeeds admirably…  Morgan is decidedly salty.”  JazzTimes
“Given the spicy edge in her sexy voice, her dry allure and the way she pops the words like a whip on a gospel choir, Morgan’s time has come.”  DownBeat
“With a sultry, sexy voice, she’ll bewitch you with classic and contemporary songs alike…  Morgan grew up listening to Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson—and it shows.”  Next Magazine

Melissa Morgan, Vocals,
Larry Vukovich, Piano
Noel Jewkes, Reeds
Doug Miller, bass
Lorca Hart, drums
Producer: Bruce Hopewell

View promotional show airing each week on
Comcast Cable 28,  Fri 8pm,  Sun 1:30pm
Silo’s, Napa

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