NVJS’s Parlor Jazz Series!

Exciting, live performances
at a variety of Valley venues.

There is something special about enjoying jazz in intimate settings. “Parlor jazz” is a concept that grew up in the major jazz cities: New York, Chicago, Memphis, Paris, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Kansas City. Folks would get together in someone’s “parlor” to share food, drink and enjoy live jazz. Participants would kick in what they could afford, some of it went to supporting the musicians, some of it went to paying the rent. The NVJS seeks to re-create the spirit of these events, drawing on both national and local musicians who enjoy playing in intimate settings. We might stretch the definition of “parlor” to include small clubs and even wineries, but the spirit of “parlor jazz” still prevails. NVJS jazz events take place once a month, usually on Sunday at 4:00pm, in venues throughout the Valley. Since attendance is limited, NVJS members get priority. Click Memberships and become a Member or Sponsorships to support our programs.