Just before COVID blew up our 2020 season, the Napa Valley Jazz Society was on the brink of announcing that we had scheduled Vocalist Veronica Swift with the Emmet Cohen Trio for August 2020.  I wish I could tell you we were resuming our Sunday afternoon series.  No such luck…yet, but here’s the next best thing.  NVJS is sponsoring “Live From Emmet’s Place,” with special guest vocalist Veronica Swift, Monday, [date] , streaming at 4:30pm on YouTube and Facebook.  Also joining the stream will be the much-loved NYC vocalist/pianist Johnny O’Neal.

Emmet Cohen’s Trio, with Emmet on piano, Russell Hall on bass, and Kyle Poole on drums is on my short list of the finest in jazz today.  At our house we never miss their “Live From Emmet’s Place” shows, streaming for two hours live from Emmet’s Harlem apartment each Monday at 4:30pm Pacific Time on Facebook and YouTube, and available for replay on either platform.  It gives new meaning to the concept of Parlor Jazz.  Access is free, though tips are encouraged.

We prefer to stream it on YouTube which is available on our TV.  The video and sound quality are very good.  Here’s how to get set up ahead of time:

–  Click here to subscribe to the Emmet Cohen YouTube channel. Find the “SUBSCRIBE” button and click it; you will then be “SUBSCRIBED” to all “Emmet’s Place” streams.

–  At showtime, log into YouTube on your TV; the selection of this concert should be in a box on your screen; if not, click the SUBSCRIPTIONS icon on the left and select Emmet Cohen. If you want to watch on your computer, log in to “Emmet Cohen LIve” on Facebook or YouTube.  (Suggestion: It is easy to use your Google ID to log into YouTube on your computer and TV.  If you do this ahead of time, you can then have one-click access at showtime.)

Emmet Cohen’s website is loaded with testimonials, and the honors have begun to flow like his fingers on the keyboard.  The great bassist Christian McBride summed it up: “Emmet is one of the most dynamic young musicians on the scene today.”  His Trio and guests not only make beautiful music, but they have a lot of fun doing it.  Now up to Vol. 42, YouTube offers a wealth of great examples of their work.

Veronica Swift has become one of the world’s most sought-after jazz talents.  Having grown up on the road with her parents – jazz pianist Hod O’Brien and jazz vocalist Stephanie Nakasian – she was exposed to some of the greatest musicians of the time.  Most prestigious among the many recognitions of this extraordinary talent was the 2020 Downbeat Rising Star – Female Vocalist Award.

We hope to see you, virtually, for this event that regularly draws well over 1,000 fans.  You never know who might show at Emmet’s Place to sit in for a number or two.  We know Johnny will come by and I hear tell Rossano Sportiello might be in the ‘hood.

Bill…   for the Napa Valley Jazz Society

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