Erik’s Fine Quintet With A Great Singer!

Finally! The show comes roaring back after being cancelled due to the Pandemic.  We are thrilled to welcome back two of the most talented swingers from the Bay Area. Erik has blazed a trail with no less than six CDs as leader. He’s a gifted composer/arranger and he’s worked with vocalists Madeleine Peyroux, Kenny Washington, Ryan, Madeline Eastman and others. Erik leads a great variety of ensembles and is a popular NVJS performer.

Jackie is a terrific multi-lingual singer who is warmly regarded here and a true fan favorite.

What an exciting, winning combination!

Date: 27 February
Time: 4:00 pm
Producer: Dick Danne, Bill Hart
Location: Blue Note Napa
Personnel: Erik Jekabson, leader and trumpet; Jackie Ryan, vocals; John R. Burr piano; Dan Feizsli bass; Patrick Wolff woodwinds; Akira Tana, drums.

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