Karrin Allyson

Karrin returns to the NVJS – a real cause for celebration!
Her last appearance at RMW was a smash success and Valley folks have been begging for more.

Not only is she one of our personal favorites, but she has earned a reputation as one of the great jazz singers of the world.  Her five Grammy nominations attests to the depth and durability of this exceptional performer.  She brings  joy, warmth, humor, and delivers some of the finest jazz vocals you could every hope to hear.

“She has an easy mastery of bebop, bossa nova, chanson… A hallmark of Ms. Allyson’s performances is her casual attitude toward phrasing and interpretation… she is a cheerful, gamin roustabout hanging out with the guys.  Jazz singing is for fun…” S. Holden,  The NY Times

Join us for a memorable evening at Blue Note Napa with these  Three Great Musicians!

Karrin Allyson, vocals
Miro Sprague, piano
Jeff Johnson, bass
Bill Hart, producer
Blue Note Napa

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