Miro Sprague  is a sparkling new pianist, composer, and bandleader known for his dynamic and passionate performance style, and artistic versatility.  He’s from New York and has toured the United States, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East,  performing at many of the world’s top venues and festivals.  He’s now the preferred pianist for the great Karrin Allyson!  He already has three albums as leader,  and five more as co-leader!

Howard Paul is bringing many well known pros. 
Howard is an established star in the guitar world;
Brian Nova is well known as both guitarist and vocalist,  Maggie Evans is a standout bassist;  and Quentin Baxter is one of the best drummers in the land.  These guys bring powerful backing for an impressive young pianist.

Make sure to catch this swingin’ group of jazzmen lead by Howard Paul!

Featuring Miro Sprague,  piano
The Howard Paul Trio:
Howard Paul,  guitar
Maggie Evans,  bass and vocals
Quentin Baxter,  drums
Special guest Brian Nova,  guitar and vocals
Bill Hart,  producer
Blue Note, Napa

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