sfjazz Quartet

The SFJQ – consisting of Nolan Gasser, Roger Glenn, Terry Miller, and Andy Eberhard – is dedicated to the full range of jazz, with a focus on hard-swinging standards, hip originals, and the rarely heard hinterland between jazz and classical music. Their compelling shows range from straight-ahead concerts to elegant mixes of music and lecture – particularly regarding the genesis of jazz as a mix of European and African roots, and the innovative ways that jazz and classical have blended through the years, up to the present day.

Each cat in the SFJQ brings to the bandstand a lifetime of experience in jazz and other musical styles, which they blend together in a magical and very unique way. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts – though the parts are pretty darn good.

The roots of the Quartet go back to 2000, but they’ve just released a debut CD, Ode to Swing, which illustrates their varied interests and skills.

Check out the SFJQ’s website: click on “Music” to sample some terrific clips (bottom of page). This is going to be a classy, top-flight concert!

SFJQ includes:
Nolan Gasser, piano
Roger Glenn, vibes & reeds
Terry Miller, bass
Andy Eberhard, drums
Silo’s, Napa

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